Top 10 Expert WordPress Developers to Hire in 2023

That’s why the need to hire WordPress developers with great skills is so essential. What this means is that they need to offer a unique combination of technical, communication, and strategic skills. Based on your needs, we’ll assign a team of field experts to your project within a few days. Truelancer is one of the best platforms to find and hire WordPress freelance talent. You can browse through the profiles of WordPress developers, review their ratings and feedback, and select the one that best fits your requirements. Finding the perfect WordPress freelancers doesn’t have to be hard.

  • Good teams may have one or two junior developers, but their limitations should be understood to ensure that they produce great code quality.
  • Alternately, what if you run into a WordPress error or another issue with your site?
  • Finding a good WordPress developer can be done by reaching out to people you know who have worked with one before, or by checking online websites where freelancers offer their services.
  • Codeable helps its customers with their WordPress related problems and makes it easy for them to hire the best WordPress developers through its platform.
  • Checking the following five areas in detail will go a long way towards separating the wheat from the chaff from the very beginning.
  • Toptal is the best value for money I’ve found in nearly half a decade of professional online work.

Whether your looking for a new WordPress design, help with migration, or plugin development, you can easily find the talent you need. WordPress Jobs is the official WordPress jobs listing page (though somewhat confusingly hosted at the domain). They review every post before accepting it and listings remain active for 21 days. Jobs include various categories such as development, design, performance, plugin development, theme customization, migrations, and more. You can find the perfect WordPress developer for hire at 24Task. We connect you with hundreds of certified freelance WordPress developers from various countries and specialized industries.

What to look for in an enterprise WordPress developer candidate

It is also in your best interest to ask for a portfolio or at least a list of websites that they’ve managed or designed in the past. Especially for big projects where the budget is both huge and tight, you want to make sure that they have the experience and not using your site as a testing ground. There are many horror stories online about people hiring developers who technically got the job done, but wasn’t the way the original idea flowed. Before we dive into answering those questions, keep in mind that you’d still need to be a very large part of the website building process just as much as your chosen developer.

hire freelance wordpress developer

If you need some basic development tasks done and don’t want to hassle with finding a developer, we recommend reaching out to them to see how they can help. If you have more complex development tasks, any of the other six sources mentioned above are also great. SeahawkSeahawk is trusted by top web hosts for its dedicated retention service for Web Hosts that prevent customer churn.

What Separates WordPress Experts from the Rest

The number of sites using WordPress is growing, which is creating a demand for a significant number of dedicated WordPress developers. So, how do we distinguish a novice from an experienced WordPress expert? In this guide, we suggest questions and answers that will help you determine the level of skills your candidate has.

hire freelance wordpress developer

How to Apply – Most importantly, give specific instructions on how to apply. If you’re on the part where you’re thinking about putting up a Job Post for potential WordPress developer candidates, here’s the most effective set of information to include. Many of these sites will require that your full payment for the project be deposited before the work begins. They will then hold your payment in escrow and release it to the freelancer at the milestone markers that you’ve agreed upon with the freelancer before the project begins. According UpWork’s WordPress Developers, WordPress developers on UpWork tend to charge anywhere from $20-100/hour, depending on experience, location, knowledge and expertise. These general marketplaces allow pretty much anyone to sign up as a freelancer without much vetting by the platform.

WordPress developers earn more when they package websites with top-notch hosting services.

Toptal has worked with many big name brands such as Airbnb, HP, J.P. Morgan, and Zendesk. Getting the team on a group chat or call for an interview will give you an insight into how they operate. If you ask a question about a specific topic, the team member that has the best knowledge in that area should lead the response – with other team members chipping in where necessary. For the first questions, you need to work out what “incorrect” is based on your requirements, i.e. a minimum English proficiency, minimum number of years experience, etc. That means they bill you for the same number of hours, but things get done three times as fast. The best WordPress development teams never make themselves indispensable.

hire freelance wordpress developer

You can browse through the profiles of freelancers and select the one that best fits your requirements and budget. The rate charged by WordPress developers in India can vary greatly based on their experience, skills, and location. On Truelancer, you can expect to find WordPress developers charging anywhere from $5 to $50 per hour. Building quality websites and applications with PHP, Laravel, WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Hire Freelance WordPress Developers and Engineers

The best way to do this is with open-ended questions to complex problems – preferably to do with your specific project. If you’re doing a lot of interviews, you can also try to automate this stage with an automated online form. They can be simple or complex questions, but they must have a right or wrong answer.

hire freelance wordpress developer

In this article, we will highlight 12 trusted platforms and sources, and some tips on how to find and hire the best WordPress developers. WordPress is wordpress developer for hire a free and open source content management system based on PHP and MYSQL. With free hosting and support, it has never been easier to start a blog.

Thought leaders in software development.

The amount of the refund is agreed upon either between you and the developer or by our team through a dispute resolution process, in case you can’t come to an agreement with the developer. Finding the right developer is a jungle of unprofessional providers. Finding people you can trust that deliver quality is a long process for many. But Codeable provides quality in every way.Bit pricey when you compare with others but you will spend that difference in hard currency all the same.

Early signs of flakiness or lack of clarity here are classic indicators of trouble down the line. Mode EffectMode Effect has worked with big brands such as Disney, CompTIA, movile, Phoenix Suns, and of course, WooCommerce. Working with Automattic, they even developed the official affiliate program website at Make sure to also check out our interview with Cody Landefeld. Project support and maintenance is part of our customer promise. We create only flexible, interactive and user-friendly Web solutions that can be easily managed.

They know trust is built through both consistent actions and constant communication.

They also run a popular podcast in which they interview WordPress businesses owners and developers to get the inside scoop into what is happening in the industry. ClickWP specializes in providing reliable support for individuals and businesses using WordPress. Some of their services include monthly plans and on-demand tasks for website setup, theme customization, malware or hack repair, backups, WordPress migrations, and more. If you need some basic development work such as configuring a plugin, customizing your WordPress theme, or tweaks to your CSS, ClickWP can be a very cost-effective and quick solution. The main Stack Overflow site gets over 50 million unique visitors per month, and job listings are shown throughout the site .

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